Overtime Rights

Are you being paid for the You Work?

“FLSA” or The Fair Labor Standards Act, requires employers to pay their employees time and one-half their regular rate of pay for each and every hour worked over Forty (40) in a work week. A majority of employees are classified as hourly employees. That means that you receive an agreed upon hourly rate for the first forty hours. Any hours worked in excess of the forty hours are supposed to be paid at time and a half.  For example if you earn $10.00 an hour and you work 40 hours, your gross pay would equal $400.00. If you work 41 hours, your hourly rate is $10.00 for the first 40 hours and $15.00 for the one hour of overtime.

There are many types of overtime violations by the employer, the most common are as follows:

Not keeping accurate time records proving how many hours you actually work

Getting paid one set hourly rate or straight time for all hours worked (ignoring the time and a half rule)

Deducting time from you if you work through your lunch.

Misclassifying employees as salaried employees to get around paying time and a half.

Because you are classified as a salaried employee does not mean that you are not entitled to receive overtime compensation.

Many companies give employees titles such as Executive Supervisor, Supervisor, Manager, Foreman, Shop Manager or a variety of other titles, however they are completing the same tasks or similar job responsibilities as other employees that are classified as non-exempt employees.

If you believe that you were not paid properly and your employer misclassified you, you have three (3) years to bring a claim. Click here to email on of our FLSA attorneys and help protect your rights. You put in the hours, now get the pay you deserve. The Fair Labor Standards Act Attorneys at Consumer Law Organization, P.A. P.A are here to answer your questions. Call us for your FREE CONSULTATION