Frequently Asked Questions & Answers - Fees

Q :How long will it take before an attorney reviews my case?
A: Once you submit the information it is sent to an attorney in your state for immediate review. You will be contacted in less than 24 hours of your submission.

Q: Do you charge a consultation fee?
A: There are no fees for consultations.

Q: How much money will I have to pay for filing the law suit and retaining your services?
A: Not a dime. The FDCPA , the FCRA, and the FCCPA make the defendants pay all attorney fees and costs when we prevail. We handle all the necessary up-front expenses for you.  If there is no recovery, you owe us absolutely nothing.

Q: If I sue the collection agency, how much money would I sue for?
A: Each case is different. Depending on the severity of the violations it could be the complete removal of the debt, plus $1,000 for the statutory damages, plus the attorney fees paid in full by the debt collector. Or it could be more depending on the acts of the collector and your own damages. You may also be entitled to actual or punitive damages.

Q: How long does the process take from the day I submit my complaint.
A : Every case is unique. Some are settled almost immediately and some require extensive litigation.  The overwhelming majority of civil cases are settled before trial.

Q: Do I have to appear in the court?
A: This is  unlikely but it is possible. Most civil cases are settled out of court, often without the plaintiff ever appearing in court. If you do have to give an interview to the defense attorney or go to court, your attorney will be with you every step of the way. 

Q: What should I do if the collection agency calls me after I file my complaint with you?
A: After your attorney is on board, you should direct any calls regarding the lawsuit or the debt to your attorney. If the collection agency insists on talking to you, take detailed notes of the conversation and E-mail them to the attorney immediately. You will also have another case. It is illegal to contact a consumer represented by an attorney under the FDCPA, and also the FCCPA.

Q: Will you keep me informed of the developments in the case?
A: Yes, we will make sure you know exactly what’s happening throughout the process. Please keep us updated on your contact information.

Q: What if I have friends that are having the same problem?
A: Ask them to visit our site and submit a claim just as you did. We will be glad to help them too.