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Welcome to Consumer Law Organization, P.A.

Consumer Law Organization is a plaintiff's boutique law firm specializing in Fair Labor Standards Act "overtime violations" and unfair debt collection defense.  We also have extensive experience in litigating Fair Credit Reporting Act claims against all of the national consumer reporting agencies, with an emphasis in helping those that have been the victim of identity theft. We are located in Hollywood, Florida. This office allows us to cost effectively litigate matters throughout the entire state of Florida.  Our firm represents a wide range of individuals that encounter problems they face when their employer fails to pay them overtime or those that have fallen on hard times and have debt collectors calling them, and those that have been the victim of identity theft.  We have experience in litigating everything from sinple plainitff claims up to and including class action claims. With our extensive experience, we deliver prompt and effective legal representation at no cost to you.  At Consumer Law Organization we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Debt Protection and Overtime Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Our Consumer Law Attorneys Cover The Entire State of Florida

We have a solid reputation earned by successfully litigating cases dealing with employees that were not paid their overtime and those that suffer at the hands of unscrupulous debt collectors. 


Recorded LIVE Monday Evening, July 21st, 2014; 7-8 PM, from WBZT.com or 1230 AM on your radio dial

Today Beverly Kennedy spoke with J. Dennis Card, Consumer Law Attorney from The Consumer Law Organization, Debt Harassment attorneys who have the ability to handle your unfair wage claim, overtime claim, or unfair consumer rights case from any location in Florida.  Please follow this link to hear the full interview, http://www.lifestylesmagazineradio.com/shows.html

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